Wednesday, 25 February 2009

A day of teaching and practice – May 16th

Ngakpa 'ö-Dzin and I shall be hosting a day of teaching at Aro Khalding Tsang in Cardiff, on Saturday 16th May. The topic will be The Four Noble Truths.

The day will be an opportunity to practice meditation and yogic song; to hear teachings on one of the foremost Buddhist topics; and to meet informally with new and experienced meditators in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

The first Noble Truth examines the universal experience of dissatisfaction. The second recognises that this experience of dissatisfaction has a cause that can be identified and understood. The third is the possibility of the cessation of the experience of dissatsifaction. The fourth Noble Truth is that there is a path which can be followed to realise complete happiness and satisfaction.

"Through understanding that unsatisfactoriness is something we create, we can undermine our own creation. We can discover the function and value of spiritual practice. In fact, not to practice becomes madness. If you realised you were drowning – would you refuse to accept a lifeline? If you realised you were sick – would you reject life-saving medicine?" Spacious Passion, Chapter 7, 'Sparkling Puddles'

The day will be from 10 am till 4 pm with a break for lunch, which is provided. The cost is £10 which covers the expenses of lunch and advertising. No charge is made for the teachings and the teachers receive no remuneration.

To enrol for the day or for more information please visit the Aro Buddhist Meditation Group Cardiff meetup.

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